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Alcohol-free Liquid Organic Lion’s Mane Extract fulfills the desire of those looking for alcohol-free mushroom tinctures!

The user-friendly lion’s mane extract is completely alcohol-free, but the beneficial water- and fat-soluble compounds from lion’s mane are extracted by double extraction in hot water and alcohol. In the innovative manufacturing process, however, the alcohol is completely removed from the finished product. Rå Hygge lion’s mane tincture contains only sustainably harvested lion’s mane (Hericium Erinaceus) and pure spring water.

The powerful extraction, where three pipettes a day equals 250 milligrams of lion’s mane (15:1 double extract), is rich in 1,3- and 1,6-beta-glucans. 1 bottle contains the equivalent of 150g of raw, dried, certified organic lion’s mane!

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How to use liquid lion’s mane extract?
Rå Hygge extract is very easy to use. Add 1-3 pipettes of the double-extracted lion’s mane extract to any beverage, such as coffee, tea, or fruit juice. Mix and enjoy - without the strong taste of alcohol! The extract has only the pure taste of the mushroom, which is not too strong when mixed with your chosen drink in a glass.

You get the best benefits from lion’s mane by using it daily to support overall health.

Dosage of the lion’s mane extract
The recommended maximum daily dose is three pipettes, i.e. 3 ml mushroom extract. It can be spread over several occasions during the day.

One bottle equals 33 daily doses. Once opened, please store it in the refrigerator.

Product information
Rå Hygge mushroom extract uses only the mushroom spore heads, not the mycelium. Pure mushroom taste, no additives or flavourings. No added starches, grains, or other fillers. EU-certified organic product.

Packaged in a MIRON violet glass bottle to ensure the best possible quality and protect the valuable nutrients from light. After opening, the package should be stored in a refrigerator and used within 45 days.

Not suitable for children or during pregnancy. Follow the recommended daily dose.

Rå Hygge is originally a Finnish company with its own production in southern Sweden. The company's Finnish-Danish team develops high-quality, always organic, wellness-promoting drinks and nutritional supplements. Their flagship products include gourmet mushroom coffee based on functional mushrooms and low acidity, as well as innovative non-alcoholic liquid mushroom extracts. Taste is extremely important in every Rå Hygge product, each of which has its own hygge style that supports both body and mind.

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