Mummy's Organics was founded in 2020 by mother-daughter team Odette & Sara. Odette, a practising midwife specialising in natural birth, had the idea of creating a range of organic products that provide natural solutions to real issues faced during maternity. Sara, an expert in diet and nutrition, sought to bring Odette's vision to life and make expertly created, midwife developed products accessible to everyone. 

A team of midwives has worked on creating each of our products, specifically for use during pregnancy. They have used their specialist knowledge to develop organic, natural, and eco-conscious products for you. This expertise in midwifery has allowed our team to focus on the most common issues faced by you and the most effective natural remedies for these problems. 

All our midwife developed products are organicFairtradesafenon-toxicenvironmentally conscious, and highly effective. We believe that results are achieved with the power of nature alone - no need for any harmful chemicals. We do not use fillers in any of our products, meaning that almost every ingredient provides a benefit. 

Knowing that everything we put into our bodies or onto our skin is quickly absorbed, we ethically source the finest organic herbs and essential oils the earth has to offer. Fenugreek boosts breast milk production, and Calendula has recognised soothing properties that help reduce soreness. Our expert team of midwives have formulated treatments that combine essential mineralsvitamins, and botanicals to restore you to optimum health and vitality.

A healthy planet supports a healthy body and mind. At Mummy's Organics, we care about our footprint, and our solid environmental values underpin everything that we do. From ensuring we use recyclable packaging and labelling to supporting sustainable agriculture and supply chains. We aim to meet the needs of our customers but not in a way that comprises the planet for future generations to come.

Establishing a meaningful and positive relationship with the community around us is also paramount. Therefore, we are proud to support our local London based charities.