The Natural Love Company was founded by friends and wedding photographers Ben Foster and Barney Walters. The Cornwall-based business was launched as a result of their previous careers being put on halt by the pandemic.

What inspired you to launch your business and what is the end goal? 

I first had the spark of inspiration for The Natural Love Company when I was studying for a degree in Environmental Protection over ten years ago. I’d become increasingly aware of the detrimental impact certain industries were having on the planet and this included the sex toy industry. At the time the industry was dominated by unregulated and low-quality products which were often designed for just single use. I soon realised that there was an opportunity to ‘Millennialise’ the industry and also challenge the overtly brash and in my opinion outdated forms of branding that many of the big players were adopting. After starting a career in event filming I then revisited this idea during the first year of the pandemic when sex toy sales were soaring. 

Our goal at The Natural Love Company is to be a sustainably led intimacy brand that is available worldwide. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of aesthetically pleasing and non-intimidating eco-friendly sex toys and we also offer other bedroom and wellness products which currently include bondage items, condoms, lubricants and menstrual cups. 

As we continue to scale we have lots of other long-term goals such as expanding our ‘bedroom’ offering so we stock sustainable bed linen as well as replacing all of our toys so that they are made from recycled ocean plastics. We want to continue to perfect our long-term vision for the company and grow our reach while also having the largest possible impact on the sex toy industry’s environmental footprint.