At Epycure, the starting point of our treatments was above all to get to the essentials. Because your daily life is already complicated enough, Epycure makes your life easier with super complete, ultra natural and effective formulas so that feeling good is child's play. We don't worry, we just take care of ourselves. And it starts now!


It's just effective. And that's already a lot.

A supplement that boosts your body deeply and for a long time ? This is the promise we keep every day at Epycure! How do we know? On the one hand because our formulas are not made at random. Behind each capsule, gummies or tablets, there is Hélène, our chemical engineer who selects the best of super active ingredients, easy to assimilate and extremely effective thanks to their maximized dosages . It's not a hard pill to swallow when there aren't 36 a day! But also because thanks to our community of testers, our formulas are tested before being approved. Just the best, for you.


Naturally good. For you. For the planet.

The one to whom we owe everything, the one who has fed and cared for us since the dawn of time, is the planet! We were therefore not going to play Professor Maboule to invent complicated and artificial formulas. We aim for 100% naturalness in our formulas (with an average of 95% across all products) because your body deserves the best. And because the planet is the essential ingredient of our well-being , it was obvious for us to return the favour by joining a community of committed businesses, by becoming B Corp certified.


We don't worry, we take care of ourselves and it's as simple as that.

There is no question of adding an additional mental load to your already far too long to-do list. The Epycure experience is about doing good in substance AND in form . Our mission is also to demystify the world of plants, minerals and vitamins by being as transparent as possible about the role of each and thus help you truly understand their impact on your health and well-being . Varied formats, gourmet tastes, personalized support from the first day and throughout your treatment, clear claims , food and fitness advice on our networks, you will see, the only question you will ask yourself is find out why you didn't start before!


Thanks to our in-house research and development process, we guarantee rigorous traceability at each stage of development, thus ensuring the quality and safety of our products. We work closely with approved French laboratories, carefully selected for their ability to combine production quality and eco-sourcing. Each of our partner laboratories has unique know-how, specialized in each dosage form that we offer, whether gummies, capsules, chewable tablets, powders or oils, attesting to the high quality of our formulations. In addition to their expertise, these laboratories comply with the strictest European standards for food quality and are ISO 22000, ISO 9001, AFNOR HACCP+ and AB certified.

Certifications of our service providers

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is the only international food safety standard. It is 100% voluntary and is implemented at the discretion of each company. It assesses the ability of actors in the food chain to anticipate dangers, improve food safety and produce safe finished products.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard that establishes the requirements for a quality management system. It makes it possible to assess whether a company is capable of providing products and services that meet the requirements of its customers as well as to implement the notions of continuous improvement.


AB is a European label awarded to companies which respect strict specifications for the manufacture of products based on substances of natural origin and/or from organic farming. It offers recognition of the know-how of manufacturers who respect quality and the environment as well as better transparency towards the consumer.


It combines the classic HACCP method with the principles of ISO 22000 and aims to ensure food safety. It makes it possible to identify and manage risks relating to food hygiene and thus protect consumers.