Why Pure Anada?


Since the ingredients used in our products are sourced from around the world, we do our best to research the supply chain to ensure the ingredients we purchase are fairly traded.  Our shea butter comes from a women’s co-op in west Africa.  Our Mica supplier ensures that their product is mined ethically in India without the use of child labour.  They own their own mines, fund schools and daycare centers so that the quality of life for their employees is fair.


It’s estimated that only 5% of makeup brands actually have a hand in making their own product.  The rest rely on third party, contract manufacturing companies to produce their line.  Since the cosmetic industry isn’t well-regulated, there is room for dishonesty in labelling, and green-washing. Our products are made in our own, certified organic lab and manufacturing facility in Morden, Manitoba.  Aside from a few products (nail polish and pencils), we have the benefit of being in control of our formulations, ingredients and processes.

Clean Formulations

Our goal is to use ingredients that are derived from nature. We avoid the “Dirty Dozen” ingredients used in cosmetics, as well as the Environmental Defense’s “Toxic Ten”.  For your reference, download the Just Beautiful Personal Care Shopping Guide or Gillian Deacon’s Wallet Tip Sheet.

Free from Common Allergens

We are committed to choosing ingredients that are least likely to cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. With that said, it may still be possible to be sensitive to a naturally sourced ingredient.Our products do NOT contain:  Gluten (our Vitamin E is derived from Rice Bran or non GMO soy), Tree Nuts (or oils - exception: Eyeliner Pencils contain Almond Oil),  Bismuth Oxychloride (common mineral irritant).


We do not test our products on animals, nor do we purchase ingredients from suppliers that do.   Pure Anada has been certified as a cruelty-free manufacturer by the Leaping Bunny program. Our bamboo brushes are made of synthetic micro-fiber and therefore are also cruelty free. The majority of our products are also vegan (contain no animal by-products).  Look for the PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan Logo.

Nostalgic Branding

The floral graphics on our website and new product branding is authentic, vintage, botanical drawings from the 1800s.  This signifies our appreciation for nature and it’s obvious beauty. It is remnant of a simpler time when our food was whole, and nature was unmodified.  Our formulas reflect this principle since we incorporate simple ingredients from the earth- floral waters, plant oils and mineral pigments.

FAQ regarding our Handmade Soaps:

Is your palm oil sustainable?  

Palm oil creates a long-lasting, great cleansing, moisturizing bar of soap with a fluffy lather. Despite its great attributes in soap and other products, palm oil has become a highly debated topic.  We purchase sustainable palm oil that is Rainforest Alliance certified. 

The Rainforest Alliance works with farmers, foresters, and even the tourism trade to conserve natural resources and ensure the long-term economic health of forest communities. In order to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification, they must meet rigorous standards designed to protect ecosystems, safeguard the well-being of local communities and improve productivity.

We care about our planet and its inhabitants. Even though we are a small company, we try to make choices that are ecologically and socially responsible when it comes to the ingredients we purchase. 

There is evidence that purchasing sustainable palm, helps support small farmers in developing countries.  Oil palms are very productive crops. They have the highest yield per hectare (1 hectare equals about 2.5 acres) and can produce up to 10 times more oil per acre than other oil crops.

This means that palm oil can be an environmentally friendly oil because less land has to be cleared to get the same amount of product. Boycotting palm oil will only create a demand for another oil crop to take its place, with even greater consequences.

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