Ra Hygge Espresso Reishi Mushroom Low Acid Filter Coffee - 227g


BALANCE - Research shows that reishi mushrooms act as a normalizing substance, regulating various cellular functions and systems, including the endocrine (hormonal), immune, cardiovascular, central nervous and digestive systems. They can help your body cope with stress more efficiently and help regulate hormone levels to optimize your health.

Organic Arabica coffee (98%), organic instant Reishi (ganoderma lucidum) (2% or 4540 mg per package).

    14 g coffee for one cup of coffee. Once opened store in an airtight container in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Best before: see top of package.

    227 g or 8 oz. 

    SERVING SIZE: 12 g or 0,42 oz per cup or 18 cups per bag.

    Conscious Hygge, Health and Happiness is our summarized vision of healthy eating and drinking. Try our tasty organic Fungi Coffee with added medicinal mushroom extracts, which creates a coffee with less acidity and less jitters normally associated with caffeine and giving you a balanced boost with enduring energy. Our secret recipe has made it possible to enjoy it as whole bean or filter coffee just as you normally would drink it. We take our mission for healthier hygge and comfort foods seriously and cannot wait to offer you more healthy and tasty hygge foods. 

    ORIGIN: Peru, organic
    FARM: Small farmer co-operatives
    REGION: High grown Arabica coffee from the slopes of the Andes
    TASTING NOTES: Smooth, nutty and with chocolate undertone

    We take pride in offering this low-acid mushroom coffee, which combines craft roasted organic coffee with organic fungi extract. Our extract is  double extracted for higher nutritional value of polyphenols and triterpenes. The full-bodied flavor is not affected - on the contrary, it adds to it – resembling an umami effect.
    ALL EXTRACTS ARE NOT EQUAL: RaHygge uses some of highest Purity Mushroom Extracts available, with High 30% Polysaccharides + 3% Tripenes content (stuff you want). Only derived from organic, FRUITING BODIES ( Chaga: wild grown ). When mushroom coffee shopping, keep in mind some brands use an inferior 10% Polysaccharides + 1% Tripenes extract, ours being 3 TIMES MORE POTENT! This makes our 284mg of Extract equivalent to 852 mg.
    Enduring energy and balancing boosts as the extract helps to balance the effect of the caffeine. The mushrooms are Aadaptogens and are not treatments or cures, but they are unique in their ability to enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms against the stresses of daily life to support health. Adaptogens work in synergy with normal bodily processes without any serious side effects. The mushrooms also contribute to lower acidity. In addition, we do a natural after treatment of the roasted coffee beans increasing the pH of the coffee from around 5,0 (or even as low as 4,3 in normal coffee) to around 6,0.  

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