Shiitake Mushroom Coffee Filter ground 227 g / 8 oz - Ra Hygge

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Indulge in the unique fusion of flavours with our organic, low-acid mushroom coffee, where the delicate umami notes harmonize perfectly with our medium-roasted 100% Peruvian Arabica beans.

Elevate your daily ritual with the added functional benefits of our highly potent shiitake mushroom extract (10:1), boasting a remarkable 30% polysaccharide content.

Shiitake mushrooms support various aspects of overall well-being including all essential 9 amino acids and act as adaptogens, helping your body adapt to stressors and promoting balance.

Experience the gentle acidity of our coffee with a pH of 6.5, contrasting with the typical range of 3.5-5 found in regular coffee blends.

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