Epiphany Elixir

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  • Expand intuitive portals of perception in the mind’s reception with this clarifying chrism. Epiphany Elixir is a meditative muse to anoint upon the brow chakra, nose, chest, and tongue. Use for reflection, meditation, yoga, and waking states of creation-clarification. Voyage to your inner cosmos and tap into the source of your own epiphanies as you revel in the elements of botanical intelligence.

  • Natural/Organic Ingredients

    Frankincense Oil ( Boswellia carterii ) - This is a sacred, essential essence for cultivating respect for the skin. Liquid pearls of the tree of life; Frankincense is distilled from the resinous sap of the tree. This fine, fragrant oil, which has been inhaled in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years, increases the elasticity of the skin. According to ancient wisdom, frankincense is an excellent means of softening scars, smoothing out blemishes, and minimizing the appearance of melasma. This oil is a great tonic that has been used to strengthen the skin for thousands of years.

    Myrrh ( Commiphora myrrha) - The beautiful myrrh essence contains the same otherworldly scent and healing properties that made it a favorite of so many ancient civilizations. “In Heliopolis, Egypt, the city of the sun god Ra, incense was burned three times a day to mark the stations of the solar journey, and the myrrh was used at the height of the afternoon. In addition to using myrrh for embalming, the Egyptians also used this oil as a cosmetic and perfume for the home. Myrrh, known as one of the three precious gifts given by the Magi when Jesus was born, was considered sacred in biblical times. They anointed the altars with this powerful sap, which was considered to be the embodiment of purity. “This deep scent resonates with the wound healer - the wounds are deep and bear the pain of others - forever. The fragrance releases the need to fight for the righteous against the unrighteous.

    Rose Otto ( Rosa damascena ) - The royal rose otto is an integral part of ancient cultures around the world. Poets, writers and mystics have praised the heartwarming effect of the rose otto, which opens the heart to love. This romantic oil builds confidence, uplifts the spirit, and helps heal a broken heart. “The breath of Rose Otto is like the flapping of angel wings. It works with a light that is much brighter than the sun, with a frequency that cannot be measured, but is still everywhere and that we can only feel when we stop and smell the rose. Rose otto vibrates with the energy of universal love and works in the light of unconditional love and giving.

    Lemon ( Citrus limonum ) - Our beautiful, lively lemon essence is an invigorating elixir of delicious pleasure. Extracted from the peel of thousands of lemon peel, each drop contains the power to lift mood and stimulate the senses. “Lemon clears everything through grandeur and focus. It contains the centering and impulse necessary to direct valuable thoughts. Its scent enables us to deepen our meditations and make our prayers fly ”. Valerie Ann Worwood, aromatherapy for the soul.

  • Directions

    Add to diffusers and salt pipe. Apply neat to brow chakra, under the nose, or on the tongue to fresh breath. Mix into a massage blend or bath for extra etherealness.

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