Love Wine Elixir

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  • Drunk on the fragrance of creation, you pour. Your only obligation is to inhale, and walk thru life’s meadow.
    Living Libations Love wine is an elixir from the eternal; these otherworldly essences mix co-creatively into the desire inside of you.

    Love wine Elixir is a non-alcoholic elixir blend of essential oils designed for use to anoint body and breath. This gleeful, gladdening blend that inspires fun, giggles, and good times all by the sheer cheer of the plant essences gathered together in here.

    This botanical blend is delectably-divine. While every oil has its own unique festive properties, many Love wine oils are celebrated for being inspiring and uplifting. 

  • Natural/Organic Ingredients
  • Rose Otto Essential Oil (Rosa damascene) – Pink quartz-champagne-poetry. Rose Otto, is an elegant and precious essence. It takes sixty roses to make one single drop. Rose soothes the heart and this botanical nurturer has a sweet, floral fragrance that is so uplifting. Rose otto essential oil has been celebrated since ancient times for use in spiritual love, sacred unions as a source of joy, beauty and happiness.

    Immortelle Essential Oil (Helichrysum italicum) – Everlasting felicity revivifies every filament of your being. Compelling Immortelle is a rare revivifier of the spirit.

    Cape Chamomile Essential Oil (Eriocephalus punctulatus) – This deep blue beauty adds a colorful and fruity floral sparkle to delight. It is a beautiful, radiant oil with opulent azulene drops. It exudes a fine fruit fragrance that promote wellbeing while being utterly enchanting!

    Cardamom Essential Oil (Elettaria cardamomum) – Charismatic Cardamom’s seed pods are like green diamonds. These sweet and spicy gems are uplifting and inspiring with their exotic fragrance. It inspires strength and stability. It supports clear, uncompromising action attuned to the frequency of strength.

    Vanilla BeanEssential Oil (Vanilla planifolia) – Vanilla has an unforgettable, delicious sensual scent that is an aromatic aroma.

    Ylang (Cananga odorata Essential Oil) – Ylang translates to flower of flowers. Its cheerful floral fragrance kisses the cheek to come and play. Ylang has a lovely, euphoric aromatic aroma.

    Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (Cinnamonum zeylanicum) – The sweet spice of everything nice, is the aroma cinnamon emits. Derived from organic tree bark in Madagascar, this Cinnamon is a true multi-sensory delight. Our authentic distillation of Cinnamon brings a warming experience to people and places.

    Schizandra  Essential Oil (Schisandra chinensis) – Schizandra berry is an amazing distillation of one of the most tonifying berries. This oil has a wide range of bioactive lignans and lipophilic components. These berries are a staple in traditional Chinese culture, and have been used for thousands of years to boost the body’s chi. Known as “wu wei zi” in Chinese, this “five flavor fruit” contains a complex palette of flavors that are bitter, salty, spicy, sweet, and sour.

    Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia) – With its delightful, bright, citrus fragrance, bergamot is one of the most beloved oils. It is one of the key flavors in Earl Grey Tea. It is like sunshine in a bottle instilling soul confidence and a resurgence of cheer.

    Honey – Just a hint of this sweet nectar ties Lovewine together! This ambrosial blessing created by the grand design of glorious honey bees is an opulent earthly elixir.

  • Directions

    To freshen breath, apply a drop or two of Lovewine upon your tongue, or to your favorite culinary delight, in fresh juice like pomegranate or watermelon, in a smoothie, or on chocolate or honey. Lovewine would be fun at a gathering with friends to celebrate, or to add uplifting cheer in your day. May also be anointed to wrists for an elegant aroma.

  • Lovewine Watermelon Drink

    Blend half of a watermelon in a blender and add 2 drops of Love Wine – wow! Feel the bliss molecules reverberate through your beingness.

    “All excitement comes from the cup of wine

    the Beloved spilled upon this earth.

    The Beloved’s fragrance makes you drunk with ecstasy

    the light bewilders the heart.”

    ~ Rumi


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