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Every moment, a floral divination:

Petals unfurl to greet the day, pouring forth fragrance into every magical moment.

This is the power of The Flower of Now: sweet and steady in the heat of the sun, grace in the face of rain, and well-rooted serenity in the storm. Step into this essence of aromatic assurance and feel the flourish.

The Flower of Now is an exquisite, resilient roll-on perfume that fortifies your disposition and fills the air with a timelessly floral scent with powdery-resplendent Rose, the exotic euphoria of Ylang, the earthy resilience of Vetiver, and the sweet, sensual strength of Sandalwood for depth and grounding.

Anoint this elixir and be the blossom in creation that unfurls its beauty to cosmic pollination.

Directions: Roll on the power of flowers with a dab on the chest, neck, belly, and pulse points. Breathe deeply and blossom!


Bergamot – Citrus bergamiaBenevolent Bergamot is distilled from the delicate almost-ripe citrus rind from fruit grown beneath the wintery warm Italian sun. Packed with all the cheery, uplifting benefits of lemons and oranges combined, Bergamot oil is cultivated for its skin-beautifying benefits and for its fresh-fougère, sunny-citrus, almost floral, freesia-like fragrance that assuredly soothes the soul.
Yuzu – Citrus junosYummy Yuzu is a sunny, citrus burst of sweet scent! Calming and carefree, this oil brings laughter and glee to liberty. With zest similar to a grapefruit or mandarin, the yuzu fruit is widely used in culinary creations and soaking in steamy baths. This fantastically aromatic citrus-circus with floral overtones lights up the night in our Venus perfume.
Pacific Island Sandalwood – Santalum austrocaledonicumThe sweet solution to sustainability, Pacific Island sandalwood has A creamy, woodsy essence that starts sensually soft and crescendos into the classic Sandalwood scent that has made this a revered perfume, benevolent body oil, satiating skin serum, and heavenly hair emollient since antiquity.
Neroli – Citrus aurantiumBlessing this perfume are blissful orange blossoms that offer their opulent elixir. It is one of the most exquisite essential oils, emanating a euphoric aroma reminiscent of an Elysian orchard. Botanically named after a 17th century Italian princess who perfumed her clothing and baths with the essence of orange.
Rose Absolute – Rosa damascenaResilient, elegant Rose is associated with instilling confidence in seekers of love. With this pure, concentrated oil, you are sure to feel good and aromatically emit charismatic aromas.
Ylang Complete – Cananga odorataYlang completely captures the fully floral plenary powers of the plant. This tropical treasure imparts benevolence to the lightness of being and honeyed headiness to perfumes. Upon inhalation, Ylang’s perfumed petals cast a spell of positivity and join your spirit to the stream of cosmic well-being.
Vintage Vetiver – Chrysopogon zizanioidesVerdurous Vintage Vetiver is a special distillation from the fragrant roots of an exceptionally aromatic tropical grass that is aged to perfection. The scent is a standing ovation of earthy like fresh forest soil, leathery like aged tobacco leaves, astringently green like fresh grass, and woody like tree bark. This distinguished reserve of aged vetiver is valued by aficionados for its deeper, woodier, and richer aroma that charms colognes and aroma-therapeutic blends to new vetiver-vistas.
Cape Chamomile – Eriocephalus punctulatusOne of our most cherished essences, captivating Cape Chamomile emits molecules of mesmerizing comfort and care. Fluffy flowers are steam-distilled from fields of flowers grown in South Africa, capturing an essence that is replete in rejuvenating sesquiterpenols.
Jojoba – Simmondsia chinensisBeautiful Jojoba oil gives the aromatic essences a smooth groove across the roller ball and onto your skin. This lovely lipid also lends the aroma staying power by preventing the evaporation of the more volatile oils.

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