Rose Glow Complexion Mist

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  • Living Libations Rose Glow Complexion Mist prepares the pores to receive the hydration it adores.
    The hydrosol of hundreds of resilient rose petals dance in a fountain of dew that awakens and renews skin and spirit.
    Rose Glow Complexion Mist is divine decadence to drench dry skin and to tone uneven texture.
    Spritz upon freshly cleansed face and during the day to revive and during flights to replenish , revivifying during flights to hydrate skin.

  • Natural/Organic Ingredients

    Rose Hydrosol (Rosa damascena) – Resilient Hydrosol prepares the pores to receive the hydration it adores. Rose Hydrosol, also referred to as rosewater, is culled from the first round of steam distilled rose petals of Rosa damascena in the production of Rose Otto essential oil. The best rose hydrosol comes from the primary distillation and never, ever has any additional water or alcohol added. As rose petals dance in a fountain of dew during distillation, micro-soluble components of the essential oil impart the hydrosol with the memory of roses along with releasing beneficial water-soluble constituents for sublime skincare. Rose hydrosol is a mild toner and acts as a hydrating humectant that lift the spirits and soothe thirsty skin. A single spritz infuses your skin with the profound beauty of this special water that has been prized through the millenniums.

    Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) – Rose Otto is soothing to the heart and smoothing to wrinkles. It is a key ally in skin rejuvenation that invites balance and healing in all skin conditions. Rose Otto is a delicious floral fragrance that harmonizes the mind. Rose Otto, the most medicinal Rose, is used for healing, skin care and edibles. It is an elegant and precious essence. It takes sixty roses to make one drop of Rose Otto essential oil! Rose Otto is a clear-yellow color and can solidify in colder temperatures due to the content of floral waxes in the oil. One of the most medicinally valued extracts, Rose Otto adds resiliency and elasticity to the skin. It is a vulnerary, speeding up the healing of tissues with its potent antiseptic properties. A wonderful overall tonic, it is soothing to all skin types and promotes rejuvenation of connective tissues.

    Immortelle( Helichrysum italicum) – Everlasting Immortelle is stellar and shines divine for all kinds of skincare. This fragrant-floral oil is wild-crafted on the island of Corsica where the flowers prosper with ocean breezes and sunshine. The flowers grow at an altitude of 4,000 feet on the rocky countryside cliffs. Immortelle aids in abating the appearance of scars, spots, melasma, redness and fine lines. This multifaceted gem of an oil is uplifting emotionally as well.

    Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)  Languid Lavender is famed for its ability to soothe body and mind. This gentle-yet-powerful skin tonic makes it perfect for fading the appearance of scars, spots, melasma, and uneven skin tone. Lavender is a lullaby to the spirit and skin.

    Sandalwood (Santalum album) – Our ethically harvested, heavenly scented Sandalwood essence is distilled from the heartwood of the aromatic tree. It is also commonly used to soothe hot, reddened, and dry skin. May be anointed as a perfume, body oil, hair treatment, and acne toner. This serene oil contains alpha-santol and beta-santol, making sandalwood a steadfast serum for toning, regulating, and moisturizing the skin.

    Carrot Seed (Daucus Carota) – Queen Anne’s Lace lights skin and face. It stimulates healing and is regenerating to the skin bringing balance to both oily and dry skin. Its mildly sweet and woodsy aroma is inspiring.

  • Use

    After washing your face with a Best Skin Ever, gently spritz Rose Glow Complexion Mist upon your face. Follow with the grace of Rose Glow Crème, Royal Rose or Rose Glow Serums. Delightful aftershave or as a gentle make-up remover.

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Type: Skincare

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