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Captivating Coffee Blossom Absolute bursts with a delectable bouquet of chocolate, vanilla, roasted coffee, and sweet florals. This rich and rare absolute is extracted from the wild Madagascar coffee shrub; a plant whose feathery white flowers belie the richness of their oil.

Botanical Name: Coffea arabica
Botanical Family: Rubiaceae
Extraction Method: Absolute
Part of Plant Distilled: Flowers
Country of Origin: Madagascar
Cultivation Method: Wild
Composition: 100% Coffea arabica
Consistency: Medium viscosity

Scent Description: Surprisingly sweet yet complex, with spicy fruit and vanilla taking center stage before a chorus of backup espresso dancers. Hints of burnt coffee toss flowers from the audience while the faintest whisper of chocolate drifts in from the lobby.

Blends well with: Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Lavender.

Uses: Beautiful accent in perfumes; inhale for emotional and spiritual benefits.

Greet the morning with an energized embrace! Coffee Blossom Absolute welcomes the new day with a benevolent burst of complex florals and the faintest hint of espresso. Extracted from the pillowy-white flowers of the Madagascar coffee shrub, this absolute offers a rich, complex scent. Coffee Blossom absolute offers the genius of this plant in a concentrated elixir rife with the botanical power of Coffea arabica.

The sweetness of this opulent absolute is tempered by energizing undertones of espresso, which serve to revitalize the senses. Coffee Blossom Absolute functions as an agent of inspiration and motivation, encouraging the spirit into a fluttering state of aliveness.

"Coffee oils in aromatherapy provide a similar experience to that of brewed coffee. You smell the aroma and immediately start to feel invigorated and warm."
~ Barry Almond, Essential Aromatherapy Oils

"I will remember your small
room the feel of you

the light in the window
your records

your books
our morning coffee
our noons our nights

our bodies spilled together

the tiny flowing currents
immediate and forever"
~ Charles Bukowski

Category: essential oils

Type: Essential Oils

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