Why is Charcoal a Must-Have for your Skin regime?

Why is Charcoal a Must-Have for your Skin regime?

We have information for you from Vogue which explains why Charcoal is such a must-have for your skincare regime:

It seems counter-intuitive that putting a darkly-hued product on your skin would make it clean and bright, but that’s the alleged beauty wisdom behind the huge trend towards charcoal-based skincare.

And, if you think about it for longer than a couple of seconds, it actually makes sense. Activated charcoal (as opposed to the raw, inactivated pieces that fuel a barbecue and should be nowhere near your skin, ever) is a supersonic cleansing/detox ingredient often used in hospitals to treat cases of poisoning or drug overdose due to its ability, according to Webmd, for “toxins to bind to it, which helps rid the body of unwanted substances.”

Which is the same logic behind the huge uptick in charcoal cleansers and face masks: if it can clean the toxins out of your insides, surely the same applies to your face?

Charcoal acts like a sponge to draw impurities such as toxins, sebum and dead cells to the surface of the skin where they can then be washed away. It can even help you get rid of blackheads.  Although, if you’re imagining a big block of charcoal-coloured soap as your next cleanser, think again, for use in beauty products, activated charcoal is usually crushed up before being added to an easy-to-apply cleanser or mask.  

The activated charcoal is crushed into a fine black powder, helping to detoxify, oxygenate, purify and deep clean your skin. It’s ideal for combination or oily skin and for dry or sensitive skin affected by pollution (city life), the charcoal can be mixed with specific active ingredients for specific skin type.

So now that you know what it can do, Annmarie's mask is full of wonderful, healing ingredients which do so, so much... full description is below:

The newest addition to their Wild Alchemy collection, this activated treatment mask infuses your skin with potent antioxidants, gentle clays and cooling botanicals to reveal a smooth and clear complexion. Hydrating aloe vera works to lock in moisture, while coconut charcoal draws out deep impurities. Turmeric's bioactive compounds leave your skin feeling calm, making this mask ideal for sensitivities. Cacao delivers complex nutrients for healthy skin, visibly improving texture, tone and radiance.


Activated coconut charcoal is uniquely adept at absorption, and has been known to boost the skin's natural defenses by drawing dirt, toxicants and other harmful substances from clogged pores. As a result it's deeply purifying and can reduce the appearance of blemishes for a soft, refreshed finish.


Organic, cold pressed cacao is renowned for its restorative and protective properties. It is considered one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids found in nature and contains an abundance of vitamin B and zinc. The result? Resilient, radiant skin that appears toned and plump, both immediately and long term.


A long-revered superfood known for its potent properties and skin-loving nutrients, turmeric essential oil is vital for health and nourishment. It boosts a wealth of antioxidants and bioactive compounds that can leave your skin feeling soothed and balanced.

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