Autophagy... what is it?

Autophagy... what is it?

Autophagy, meaning “self-eating,” is an intracellular degradation process that allows cells to recycle damaged intracellular components to generate energy and provide building blocks to create new cellular structures. 
In simpler terms, it is a process that keeps your body's cells in proper balance by taking old or damaged parts of a cell and recycling them. These recycled bits and bobs are turned into amino acids that can be used for fuel and more.
That's great, we hear you say! So what do we need to do to make sure our cells are in balance and why do we need to bother? Keep reading...
We have tested and tried something and we are so excited to be able to bring you:

Primeadine® Original Spermidine Supplement - from Oxford Healthspan

Throughout this email, you will read about the benefits of this wonder-supplement and you can listen to the podcast between Nadine Artemis (founder of Living Libations) and Leslie Kenny (founder of Primeadine, Oxford Helathspan).



Plant-derived spermidine has been shown to increase longevity and healthspan by addressing the root causes of aging, known as the "Hallmarks of Aging". These include gut dysbiosis, inflammation, and stem cell and mitochondrial dysfunction. One of the most important hallmarks spermidine works against is impaired autophagy, or cellular renewal, as this affects them all!


Plant-derived spermidine triggers autophagy, your body's internal cellular recycling and "clean up" process that declines with age. Your cells are foundational to every part of your body; if they're not functioning and regenerating properly, neither will the rest of you.


Plant-derived spermidine has been found to improve sleep quality and reduce age-associated sleep and circadian rhythm disruption. Have a wearable sleep-tracking device? Many of our clients see their Deep Sleep & Restfulness scores shoot up after taking Primeadine®.


In addition to triggering autophagy (cellular renewal), plant-derived spermidine has been found to activate a cellular process known as mitophagy, which clears out the old and poorly functioning mitochondria. Because the mitochondria provide energy to your cells, when they aren't functioning well you may experience low energy as a result. Reenergize your mitochondria and experience a renewed sense of energy and stamina.


Plant-derived spermidine has been shown to improve hair growth by moving hair follicles from the shedding phase to the growth phase and keeping them there for longer. It is in this phase that melanogenesis (hair color pigmentation) takes place. Spermidine also promotes strong, healthy nails and bright, glowing skin. Welcome to your New Prime!


Spermidine supports brain health by triggering cellular renewal, or autophagy. Clinical trials have found plant-derived spermidine to improve memory and cognition in older adults with subjective cognitive decline. Brain fog be gone!


Gut dysbiosis is one of the root causes of aging, and spermidine may reduce this by sealing the tight junctions in the gut lining that are prone to becoming leaky. As a bonus, both Primeadine® Original and GF contain prebiotics, promoting healthy digestion and gut microbial balance.


Plant-derived spermidine is a calorie restriction mimetic, providing the benefits of fasting - the main one being autophagy - without the need to fast.

Below is the podcast between Nadine Artemis and the founder of Primeadine. Click on the image which will link you to Youtube. 

A word from Live in the Light's Louise:
"I invested in a 30 day supply as I was intrigued after listening to the podcast and reading up on the product. I realised it is an expensive product, so I was going to do this and stick to it. I found that after 2 weeks my knee stopped hurting (as it had been giving me real problems for a while) and my joints were definitely much happier. I had a hair appointment and my hairdresser asked me if I had been taking something because I had loads of new hair growth and she pointed out how much thicker my hair was. I felt generally more energetic and was so impressed, I have carried on with them for a further 3 months"
Love Lou xx 

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