Suebucks Coffee !

Suebucks Coffee !

Do you love a really delicious cup of coffee? Frequently visit one of the big brand coffee shops?
Welcome to Suebucks Coffee!
Sue manages to create fabulous recipes and her Foccha (Fake Moccha) is to die for. It truly is delicious so we thought we would share it with you.

You can use normal coffee, decaff or if like us, you prefer no caffeine, you can use Chicory. Put your usual amount in a mug and if desired, add a teaspoon of carob powder.
Then warm the milk. We love Rude Health Hazlenut and Rude Health Coconut (both are organic). Use half a mug of each and when almost boiling, pour over your coffee. 
Now add a few drops of  either Hazlenut and Caramel or Peppermint Flavour CO2 Extracts.

Stir thoroughly and sit back and enjoy.
Truly delicious, but so healthy !

Another great recipe is a Caramel Macchiato - spoonful of coffee or chicory and again the Hazlenut & Coconut milks and then add drops of caramel Flavour CO2 Extract to taste.

You can use these amazing healthy Flavour Extracts in cooking, in smoothies, yogurt, ice cream and so much more. And there are no calories in them, just great taste.

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