Trickster Teachers - Amaranth

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Spirit Medicines are the essences of the plant, minus the physiologically impactful chemistry of other kinds of herbal extractions. No scent, no flavour, just lots of room for the Plant personality, their presence. What makes working with Plant Spirits really, really fun is you get to relate to a whole new community. Engaging with plants in this way is being species queer, pushing the edges of what it means to be human by listening, and with curiosity, relating with botanical beings. When we open our eyes to the richness of life beyond the human sphere, we see the vastness of the web we are a part of. This is a chance for us to feel awe, to receive teachings and to become stewards, custodians, collaborators with our world. click here to read more...

To work with these trickster teachers, drop a few drops on your palm, rub between your hands and hold up to your face. Breathe in. Trickster Teachers have no scent and no flavour. We invite you to inhale their essence.


Isolation amplifies suffering, when we feel separated, or disconnected...we lose our ability to heal, grow and thrive. Amaranth guides us to plug back in to the cosmic matrix which is exponentially bigger than the sum of its parts.

While we might still be dealing with our particular suffering, Amaranth helps us feel our pain as a point of connection to others  who are feeling the same, which makes our hearts grow real big.


Local spring water, Spirit medicine of given plant, (Plant and High proof spirits*)

^Ethically & Safely Wildcrafted

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