Sleep Gummies - 1 Month Cure by Epycure

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For faster falling asleep 

Promotes relaxation and emotional well-being before bed.

Falling Alseep
Helps you fall asleep much faster, on average in less than 30 minutes .

Deep Sleep
Improves the quality of sleep by limiting night time awakenings.

Rapid effectiveness
Fast-effect cure which acts on falling asleep and sleeping from the first dose.

Natural formula

100% natural treatment thanks to plant melatonin from St. John's wort, an active ingredient that is both innovative and effective.

Fun & sugar free format
Sugar-free gummies that are pleasant to take thanks to their wild berry taste.

• Take 2 gummies per day , in the evening, 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime (+18 years). Take 2 gummies occasionally during a period of stress and insomnia or follow a 3-month treatment for a deep action on sleep disorders. Do not exceed 4 gummies per day.
• Take 1 gummy per day to reduce the effects of jet lag .
• First effects from the first days of treatment on falling asleep and sleep disorders.

Precautions for use:

• These gummies are reserved for adults (+18 years old).
• Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
• Not recommended for people suffering from inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.
• In the event of epilepsy, asthma, mood, behavior or personality disorders, contact a healthcare professional. Likewise if used for more than 2 weeks at the same time as medication treatment, including oral contraceptives .
• Do not use this product before an activity requiring sustained alertness with a safety risk in the event of drowsiness.
• Do not exceed the recommended daily dose and keep this product out of the reach of children.
We cannot repeat it enough: food supplements must be used as part of a healthy lifestyle. And for better conservation, keep this product at room temperature in a clean, dry place.

Vegetable Melatonin
A key component of the MelyDow™ complex , melatonin helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep effectively, from the first dose. Extracted from St. John's wort, it is of natural and plant origin

Nard if
Also called Himalayan spikenard, it is widely used in the Ayurvedic tradition for its soothing properties. It helps to relax the mind at the end of the day and helps potentiate the effects of melatonin within the MelyDow™ complex .

A medicinal plant known for its sedative and anxiolytic properties, it helps to achieve healthier and more restful sleep. The European Medicines Agency also recognizes its use in the case of sleep disorders.


Do gummies have any contraindications?
This product is reserved for adults. It is also not recommended for people suffering from inflammatory or autoimmune diseases, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. In the event of epilepsy, asthma, mood, behavior or personality disorders, contact a health professional. Likewise when used for more than 2 weeks at the same time as medication treatment, including oral contraceptives.

What time of day should I take my gummies?
They are to be taken in the evening, either at the end of a dinner meal if you are not going to bed for too long afterwards, or at bedtime. They act approximately 30 minutes after ingestion.

Can I drive while taking Fast Sleep Gummies?
These gummies contain active ingredients to promote sleep, including melatonin. It is therefore not recommended to consume them before an activity requiring sustained vigilance with a safety risk in the event of drowsiness, such as driving. On the other hand, don't worry, after one night, you will be able to get back behind the wheel without any problem, you will not have any risk of drowsiness.

Can I take several types of gummies at the same time?
Our formulas have been developed as a global offer, so that you can combine the formulas with each other. For each formula, however, do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

How long do the gummies last once the bag is opened?
We advise you to store them at room temperature in a clean, dry place. For optimal preservation of your gummies, put them in our aluminum box.

Do gummies contain gelatin?
Our gummies are made in France from 100% plant-based active ingredients and natural flavours. Rather than using bovine or porcine gelatin, we use apple pectin.

What replaces sugar in your gummies?
Glucose syrup has been replaced by maltitol. This is a natural ingredient from corn that will replace sugar weight for weight and provide the necessary charge to restore the good consistency of the gummies and remain on a product that is always as melting and soft.

98.3% ingredients of natural origin
Bulking agent: maltitol - Acidifying agent: citric acid - Gelling agent: pectin - L-tyrosine - Acidifying agent: malic acid, sodium malate - Beta-carotene - DL- acetate alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) - Sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) - Natural flavor - Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - Zinc citrate - Acidifying agent: sodium citrate - Concentrate (carrot and blackcurrant) - Copper citrate - Selenite sodium - Riboflavin (vitamin B2).
Made in France - Vegan - Gluten-free - Lactose-free - Sugar-free

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