Polychrome Jasper Heart Pendant 2.5cms

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Polychrome Jasper is a crystal of exuberance, physical energy, vitality, and vibrance. This is a stone of Fire Energy -- the energy of heat, action, emotion and passion -- of ideas, of concepts, and sex.

Polychrome Jasper is a "happy energy" stone. It is said to bring good fortune and a happy outlook on life. It is also used to assist in attuning to and communication with animals.

Polychrome jasper is a type of opaque, multi-coloured chalcedony which develops in massive formations.

It also goes by the name of Royal Savannah Jasper and Desert Jasper. It is believed to be one of the rarest jaspers in the world. 

Polychrome Jasper is a stone that embodies one’s true self and helps you channel your energies to the ones closest to you.

It facilitates and activates one's inner balance, while helping you conform to your current environment. Through this, one can reduce their day to day stress and embody the true elements around them. By doing this, one can not only learn much about themselves, but also where it is they want to go.

This Jasper variety is here to serve you and part of that means helping you position your mind-set to be ahead of your physical body. When one has a destination or desire in mind, it is much easier to figure out where exactly your soul is taking you and how to get there!

Each heart is unique, please allow for variation in colours and patterns.

Add a chain or cord of your choice and hold this beautiful stone close to your heart.

From Madagascar

Category: Crystals

Type: Crystals

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