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There is a lot of reading to do but trust us, it is worth sitting down and taking your time learning about this beautiful, rare and powerful stone. No photo can do this justice, it is absolutely stunning. 

Ocean Jasper goes by many names – cellular jasper, ocean orbicular jasper, and Atlantis stone, among others. Even more plentiful than its many titles are the multitude of benefits and healing properties associated with the ocean jasper stone.

As one of the many types of jasper, ocean jasper is a member of the quartz family. Its high mineral silica content accounts for the specks of shimmering druzy quartz often found in ocean jasper. Another signature of ocean jasper stone is the intricate patterning seen in the crystal. This includes orb-like shapes alongside other patterns and strips of colour – hence the name, orbicular ocean jasper.

The name jasper is derived from a combination of the French and Latin words for speckled or spotted stone. The “ocean” part of its name is, of course, inspired by its origins. It is said to channel the power of the ocean and the lunar cycle of the tides. As such, it is commonly associated with emotional stability and the inspired resilience needed to weather change. 

Crystal healing lore often links ocean jasper with the lost continent of Atlantis, which is why it is sometimes referred to as Atlantis stone.

Ocean jasper is also popular among crystal healers for its ability to address physical issues, especially in women. These can include, among others:

  • Eczema
  • Tumours
  • Body odour
  • Oral infections
  • Sleeplessness
  • Hallucinations
  • PMS
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bloating
  • Infertility

The ocean jasper stone resonates particularly with the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras.  

The crystal’s resonance with the throat chakra underlies its power to facilitate more loving, compassionate communication.

Within the heart chakra, ocean jasper stimulates common understanding and feelings of joy. It eliminates any negative feelings weighing on the heart, directing them upward to the throat chakra to be expelled verbally.

The use of the ocean jasper stone near the solar plexus chakra strengthens the self-confidence of the holder.

The mere presence of ocean jasper can foster healing and conflict resolution. This makes it ideal to have some ocean jasper in the room during intense conversations among intimates, business negotiations, and even psychological therapy sessions.

You can also incorporate ocean jasper into your meditation practice, particularly when you seek to break negative thought patterns or want to release pent-up emotion. Place the crystal close to the relevant chakra while you meditate on nurturing, positive affirmations.

Is Ocean Jasper Rare?

The sole source of ocean jasper off the cliffs of the north-eastern Madagascan coast can only be reached by boat and only during low tide. So it was already hard to come by in 2006 when all mining operations in the area were called to a halt, as the area was deemed depleted. As a result, all the ocean jasper in circulation worldwide today is likely all there will ever be unless mining in Madagascar reopens or another source is found. It is, thus, quite rare.

This stone embodies happiness, joy, and all the good things in life.

When you have the energies of ocean jasper, you are attracting all kinds of positive and enriching energies.

Ocean Jasper is a stone of strength. It will inspire you to overcome your challenges and remain positive despite the difficulties.

It will remind you that you possess the inner strength to defeat those who want to bring you down.

Ocean Jasper also signifies renewal, just like Bixbite. There will be many things that will happen in your life, and so many things that you will experience. Some of them will be good for you, while some will be bad.

When things go south and hit you really hard, you don’t have to think that it’s the end of the world for you. The energies of ocean jasper will help you land back on your feet, and they will make you like new again.

It will make you aware of your own capabilities. It will make you realize that there’s nothing in this world that you cannot do.

The energies of ocean jasper will remind you that you have the determination and tenacity to succeed in your pursuits, both personal and professional.

Ocean Jasper is a stone that honors the principle that what you put out in the universe is what will come back to you. If you want to have love and happiness in your life, you need to give more love and happiness to the world.

This stone will promote change. It will be beneficial for you because you will be able to let go of old ways and habits that are no longer good for you.

It will encourage you to share more with others so that the universe will send positive karmic energies back to you.

It will reduce stress and bring in peace and tranquility. It can dispel nightmares and harmful thoughts.

It will help you become more empathetic to the needs of others. It will make you realize that you can manifest a beautiful and happy life by projecting good to the world.

It’s a reminder that your thoughts, actions, and words have a way of affecting the world and those around you.

Whatever you do to others will find a way to come back to you, so make sure that you always show kindness and generosity.

Ocean Jasper is a grounding stone that will promote stability and security in your life. It will make you focus on your unrealized potentials.

Ocean Jasper, Luck and Wealth

Ocean Jasper is a powerful stone to have to keep your projects and your life on track. It will keep you organized and on schedule. 

It can attract a continuous flow of abundance in your life.

When you combine ocean jasper with other jasper stones, you can also boost their prosperity energies.

It will bring relaxation and peace in your home or workplace, ensuring a smooth flow of energies and a high level of productivity.

It will also lift the negativity in your surroundings so that you can fully appreciate all your blessings!

Ocean Jasper for Love and Relationships

Ocean Jasper is a talisman of patience.

You must learn to be patient, especially when it comes to the things that you want to happen in your relationship. Like the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

This Ocean Jasper meaning ties into the eternal way the tide ebbs in and out, and of the incredible depths of the sea.

Still waters run deep, as they say, but the sea can also rage and fight against even the most skilled of sailors.

Why bring all this up? Well, sometimes your love affairs run smoothly, and other times they seem fraught with choppy waters back and forth.

Ocean Jasper can help you see this ebb and flow of a natural rhythm, like the tides. When the waters are good, so to speak, it’ll help you both to enjoy them more – and in rougher waters, you’ll likewise weather the storms together nicely. 

This stone can help you release your anger or any emotional blockage. The longer that you hold on to these negative emotions, the more unlovable and unattractive your aura becomes.

It’s about being honest with yourself and not sugar-coating anything just to make people believe that you’re happy.

It’s about confronting problems head on and not allowing them to pile up and blow up in your face.

Ocean Jasper carries with it energies of joy, happiness, and contentment. You can enjoy all these things if you will be brave enough to go after them.

You will have the love that you’re searching for if you will allow yourself to be loved.

Ocean Jasper will help you settle unresolved emotional issues and bring about emotional healing. It will encourage you to love yourself more, to know your worth, and to never settle for anything less.

It will remind you to be more empathetic, and to have a more positive attitude toward the future. It will tell you why you need to become less critical of your partner.

It will get rid of the power play in your relationship, and it will show you how to handle strong emotional responses.

Ocean Jasper will help you deal with the past by looking at it from a different point of view. It will help you deal with the pain or the heartbreak by looking at it through fresh new eyes.

This stone will help you communicate and bolster your expression of love in both words and actions. It will also bring to focus the great things about your relationship that you should feel grateful for.

A lot of people are drawn to the beauty of Ocean Jasper because it reminds them of the rhythmic waves of the ocean.

The essence of the ocean is recognized in this remarkable stone.

Ocean Jasper can truly convey the feelings of calm, peace, and healing that you get whenever you’re near the ocean.

This stone is well-loved because of its ability to connect you to nature. It can also heal your inner core and improve your personality.

Ocean Jasper draws its power from the ocean. It’s known as a stone of renewal and strength.

Because of this stone’s close connections to nature and the beautiful inclusions that give it a calming appearance, Ocean Jasper can support you in your interactions with the world.

It will also help you come to peace with the difficult events in your life.

Ocean Jasper is an incredible stone that will instil patience in you so that you can better deal with other people.

But even if it’s a very popular stone among collectors and healers, Ocean Jasper is quite rare and very sought after.

This stone can be found only along the Madagascar coasts and can only be mined during low tide.

Ocean Jasper has been used all throughout history to heal and restore because of its highly restorative properties on a physical and metaphysical level.

Connecting with the energy of this stone will also help you in releasing the blockages, negativities, and self-limiting thoughts.

Ocean Jasper will make you see the positive side of life and help you let go of the negative.

It’s helpful for people who are suffering from depression or feeling isolated because its gentle energies will promote a happy and encouraging atmosphere.

Ocean Jasper can help you change your current situation for the better

This egg is 37cms high, 25cms across at its widest point.  It weighs 27KGS

From Madagascar and is one of a kind.

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