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Organic Birth Ready Tea - Raspberry Leaf - Mummy's Organic 45g loose tea or 15 biodegradeable pyramid teabags.

Empower your birth journey with Mummy's Organics Birth Ready Tea, created by midwives. A blend of Raspberry Leaf & Peppermint, designed to tone the uterus and facilitate a smoother labour. Start from 32 weeks for an optimal pre-labour ritual. Consult your midwife before starting.


+ Tones and strengthens the uterine walls which can result in an easier and quicker labour

+ May induce labour during pregnancy

+  Post-birth this tea can be used to tighten your uterus and reduce the risk of blood clots


Add 1 teaspoonful or 1 tea bag per cup to fresh hot boiling water.

Brew for 5-10 minutes.

Enjoy hot or cold (topped up with iced water).

*Only consume from 32 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

*Please consult your doctor or midwife before using this product. 

Midwife Tip:

'To prepare for labour from 32 weeks of pregnancy begin with drinking 1 cup daily in your first week, increasing by 1 cup weekly, with a maximum of 4 cups daily.'

- Odette


Organic Red Raspberry Leaf & Organic Peppermint.

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