Orca Agate Crystal Flame

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Grounding, Nurturing, Calming

Named for its black/grey/white pattern resembling an Orca, or sometimes called Ocean Agate/Blue agate for its ocean tones, this stone is incredibly soothing. Orca Agate is a stone of transformation that resonates with your entire chakra column. It has pure and potent grounding energies that help you stay truly connected to mother earth and utilize her beneficial vibrations. You are able to rejuvenate yourself both physically and spiritually from our home planet. 

According to ancient texts, this powerful stone resonates with the throat chakra and was used as a tool for peace, healing, and meditation. Healers would use it to balance energies within their body and cleanse themselves spiritually. 


Encourages you to recognise your truth and reconnect with your soul.
Helps with self-forgiveness of any past misgivings, freeing you of self-doubt and self-loathing.
Promotes inner peace.
Grounding and protective.

While holding a piece of Orca Agate, imagine being at the beach, either in the water or admiring it from the shoreline. Breathe in the salty air as you listen to the waves crashing on the sand. Take some time to relax in this soothing seaside place. Orca Agate will help guide you to the loving and nurturing energies of the ocean.

    From Madagascar

    Each flame is unique, please allow for variation in colours and patterns.

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