Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pyramid Large - Metatron Orgone® Energy Healing Emf / Rf Protection

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Orgonite® Pyramid - Metatron Orgone® Energy Healing Pyramid Series with Quartz Crystal & Emf / Rf Protection - Lapis Lazuli

Dimensions: 4.75 x 4 inches
This piece is individually hand crafted by me, a north American shamanic high priest and I have called upon the divine to work with me during this creation process and I give each piece the most high of sacred blessings by sanctifying each piece with the highest vibration of light throughout all of creation.

This allows the piece to constantly vibrate at the highest vibration of light sourced straight from creator. This is a blessing that can only be done by a 3rd degree initiate that has access to the en-sophic energy.

This is part of what makes these sacred energy devices so powerful, unique and special.

Built upon the foundation technology from the research of wilhelm reich & karl welz, I have built an integrated light healing technology that incorporates multiple levels of light activations, healings, as well as various energetic and alchemical properties for a more broad range in the spectrum of the healing and activation arts.

Category: Crystals, Organite

Type: Crystals

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