Kiwi Flavor Co2 Extract 10ml

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Co2 Flavors are natural extracts from plants! The "Supercritical Co2 Extraction Method" is a modern technology that gently separates natural flavors from the fruit, flower or herbs they are derived from, without the use of harsh solvents. Co2 extracts can be used as a natural way to scent cosmetics, perfumes, and food products. They are extremely concentrated: one drop can flavor an entire cup of coffee!

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Calorie-Free

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How it Works: Pressurized Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) is pumped into a chamber filled with plant matter. When Co2 is under pressure, it becomes "supercritical" - meaning it becomes a liquid solvent, pulling the flavors, oils, pigment or resin from the plant matter. On the other hand, steam distillation uses heated water to extract these properties at a high temperature. Co2 extracts are processed at a lower temperature, preserving the properties of the plant. Thus, flavors and scents are true to the substance they are extracted from.

Size: 10ml

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Genuine Flavor Extract

Pure Anada Co2 Flavor Extracts are extremely concentrated. A few drops go a long way.
Aromatherapy: Diffuse into the air with a diffuser, mix with essential oils to create unique, natural perfume.
DIY Bodycare: Blend into unscented bodycare to create your own unique flavor (fragrance). Incorporate into your DIY lip balms or sugar scrub recipes.
Food: Flavor hot or cold beverages, whipped toppings, or baking with just a few drops.

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