Featured Artist Tote Bag - Winter 2020 - Annmarie Skin Care

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Art is a form of love, hope, and magic. That’s why we’re always thinking up new ways to incorporate an artist’s touch into our products. This year, we’re calling on our community to submit their most creative ideas for our Featured Artist Tote Bag Program.

We’ll feature the selected artist's design on our 100% organic cotton tote bags, which will only have a limited edition run—making them that much more special. In addition to supporting and promoting up-and-coming artists in our community, we will also partner with the selected artist to donate a portion of the profits to an arts-focused nonprofit of their choosing.

For the next tote in our series, we’re proud to print the work of Rachel Ritter, a multimedia artist working in Los Angeles. Their work is driven by an interest in drawing the body. Whether through subjective imagery or abstracted forms, the bodies featured in Rachel’s work often play with ideas of gender, sexuality, and desire.

For this collaborative piece with Annmarie Skin Care, Rachel presented a body in rest. The figure depicted in this design is surrounded by healing properties, floating in a sea of nature’s gifts. They are absorbing all that they are offered.


Tote Bag Materials and Measurements:

Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Measurements: 14 x 14

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