Fairie Crystal Confetti Scoops

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Get ready for a treat with our Fairie Crystal Confetti!

Each scoop of magical mystery crystal confetti contains an enchanting assortment of exquisite gemstones. From rainbows of moonstone to tranquil celestite, to shining quartz, your bag may contain any of these beautiful surprises. Let yourself be taken away as you explore the mystical treasures in your bag!

What will you receive?

Carnelian brings nurturing energies while jasper represents grounding support. Kyanite stimulates positive emotional well-being, and hematoid quartz releases worries through its uplifting presence. Plus, so many other gorgeous crystals await you!

A perfect gift for yourself or your favourite friend, this divine offering is sure to inspire airy vibes and harmonize spiritual energy.

Fairy magic and energy await, as you open the organza bag and explore the shining secret gifts inside.

Category: Crystals, Fairy

Type: Crystals

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