Eco Luxe Anti-Aging Reusable Pearl Eye Mask

Eco Luxe Anti-Aging Reusable Pearl Eye Mask (Rose Quartz) - With box

The Fine Pearl Eye Mask soothes and refreshes the skin, improves blood circulation, reduces dark circles, removes puffiness, relaxes muscles, helps release toxins, and relieves sinus pressure.

Handwoven with love

✨perfect to soothe irritated, dehydrated and delicate skin thanks to the freshness of its semi-precious stone.
✨ stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and thanks to the action of Rose Quartz
✨ reduces dark circles and deflates bags under the eyes, smoothes wrinkles and fine          lines, thanks to the powerful Rose Quartz.
✨ preventive and curative action on the signs of skin aging.
✨ decongests the face, stimulates collagen and increases skin elasticity.
✨ tones the skin and redraws the oval of the face which tends to relax.
✨ accelerates the resorption of bruises, cracks and abscesses.

Placed in a bedroom, it calms anxieties and helps sleep, near the bed to attract love. A calming, reassuring stone, it gently absorbs negative energy and wards off nightmares.  It brings deep inner healing, it mends emotional wounds and soothes heartache. It helps to overcome depression and anxiety. She is perfect for the midlife crisis and to help attract a new relationship.

Use daily on cleansed skin.

100% natural genuine Brazilian fine stone without plastic, without endocrine disruptors, without harmful substances, untreated and unmixed. Manually extracted and selected one by one for their quality.

Purified and recharged The French house Rouleau de Jade® is a wellness brand, prestigious and trustworthy. Qualifiers recognized for its BSCI certification and its ethical working methods. 

This massage technique is a real natural lifting. It's a Great tool, a must have that improves the appearance of your skin on a daily basis. Allows you to maximize the effectiveness of care.

Sustainable fair trade

Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

Category: Facial Tools, Skincare, tools

Type: Skincare

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