Beach Beauty Shimmer

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Bare your lips to the world with this perfectly pale lip colour of creamy café au lait, a shimmering shade of sparkling sand with hints of seashell pink. This sheer taupe-toned shimmer burnishes a beach glow.

Sparkling mica minerals are swirled into this Beach Beauty Shimmer to give your lips the shimmering kiss of summer without any synthetic ingredients. Mica is made of crushed gemstones called phyllosilicate minerals. These tiny twinkling lights naturally reflect the beautiful rays of sunlight, moonlight or the luminosity of ambient light. Let lush lips imbibe upon this botanical balm!

The foundation of Beach Beauty Shimmer is our happy beeswax made with love and dedication by healthy, buzzing honeybees. Beeswax shields skin by forming a porous, breathable layer over the lips. To the beeswax we add Jojoba for moisture, Carrot Seed for balance, Palmarosa for strengthening skin, Grapefruit to plump and energize, Sweet Thyme to tone, Chamomile and Vetiver to calm redness, and coffee for its aroma and action. Sparkling mica minerals are swirled in to this balmy lip colour to give your lips the shimmering kiss of summer at the beach.


Apply to lips, cheek and brow bones for colour and moisturizing mingled with sparkling mica minerals to add a shimmering touch. Blend with other lip shimmers to create your own signature shimmering tints.

Natural/Organic Ingredients

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) – Step out of the dry, cracked darkness into the luscious light with nature’s most uplifting emollient. Pure jojoba infuses your pout with all soluble forms of Vitamin E. This naturally occurring compound is a tantalizing twin flame, so similar to the skin’s sebum it can’t help but melt into thirsty lips.

Beeswax (Cera alba) – The honeybee delights in protecting the Queen Bee, just as our Happy Beeswax delights in protecting your pout. This natural, petroleum-free ingredient forms a porous layer on the lips, sealing in moisture. Let you lips breathe as you face the world: a Queen Bee guarded by nature’s waxen, wondrous shield.

Carrot seed (Daucus carota) – Captivating carrot brings balance to skin, delivering intuitive nourishment to tissue that has become too dry or too oily. Sunburned and chapped lips will relish the grounding, healing essence of pure, steam-distilled organic carrot oil.

Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini) – Lemon and rose make sweet love to the nose! Fresh, citrusy palmarosa oil is used to regenerate skin cells with the added benefits of stress reduction and anxiety busting. Your fresh, fragrant pout will be ready to reap all the wonders of the shoreline.

Grapefruit (Citrus paradise) – Grapefruit creates a fruit-juicy pout shimmering with vibrant energy. This citrus wonder makes lips sparkle and shine thanks to its uplifting powers of positivity. It is also said to focus the mind and clarify the skin around the lips.

Chamomille (Anthemis nobilis) – Soulfully soothing and calming, Chamomile is a serene substance said to bring a calming caress to the skin. Comforting Chamomile is steam-distilled from the delicate diminutive petals of French Chamomile flowers. It relaxes and reduces redness and heat. It is regenerative, toning, and brightening.

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) – Vivacious Vetiver oil is an earthy, grounding essence distilled from tropical grass. Calming and moisturizing for skin, Vetiver is used to give the skin a pleasantly plump appearance while offering a rich, rooty aroma.

Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) – Captivating Coffee bean’s benevolent mocha aroma is a delight to inhale while it avails lips of its toning magnificence.

Mica (phyllosilicate minerals) – Mica is a naturally occurring silicate mineral that gives our sparkly Libations a real-to-the feel summer shimmer! Mica glitters and gleams, naturally reflecting light from your radiant skin. Mica is made with layers of crushed gemstones rich in iridescent color. Like a sheer, sparkling diamond, mica gets the glow going as it glistens in the light: starlight, moonlight, or Tiki torches illuminating the campfire. *Mica is not derived from living matter and thus it is an inorganic compound, which is outside the scope of organic certification.

Sweet Thyme (Thymus linalool) – Supple Sweet Thyme is as strong as it is soft! It contains all the fortifying and toning power of the other types of Thyme oils without causing irritation as it purifies pores. Sweet Thyme is lush with Linalool and is a treasured ingredient in our sublime skincare serums. It is perfect for gentle clarification and stimulating skin ovations.

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