Pawfect Nature is our way of life.

We are dog lovers and owners and in a world full of synthetics, we choose nature. Combing the two most important ingredients, love and nature, we make natural, friendly products for our family VIP’s that nourish and care for them, whilst protecting the environment in the process. Our dogs are like us, sensitive and allergic but most of all… living. The world is driven by industrial farming, posing more health risks with using artificial products made with chemicals and genetically modified ingredients that are tested on animals.

Our passion comes from experience in seeing so many dogs with skin problems and sensitivities, and becoming aware of potential risks with plastic. So we decided to create a range of products that satisfy safety whilst providing natural loving care for mans best friend. Paraben free, SLS free, GM free, cruelty free and Organic means we are able to craft with nothing but love.

We love dogs, and they deserve to live a happy, healthy, pain-free life. We want their worlds to be everything they can be and more! Pawfect Nature is more than just a business to us, it’s a way of life. Its a passion for all dogs and for a cruelty free world, and it’s a recognition that everything we need is provided by nature itself. We hope to leave the world in a better way than what we found it, where dogs and animals are respected and loved, and we do that with our products and our Charity Commitment Rescue Pledge.

Nature provides us with the ingredients we use in our products; essential oils and vegetable oils and butters are the foundations of our grooming products, and our toys are made from 100% natural cotton – all of which come from plants!

As we become concerned with what we put INTO our bodies, its only natural to be concerned with what we put ON our bodies…and the same goes for our dogs! 

Essential oils have been used for thousands of centuries for relaxation, medicine, cleansing, beauty and spiritual values, providing multiple benefits for humans. It has now been determined that some essential oils are safe to use on dogs, providing the same positive health benefits in a kind caring way. Essential oils are elements produced by Mother Nature that hold more active agents that synthetically produced oils, therefore are less likely to cause adverse reactions. 

Each essential oil has its own set of benefits, but overall, they are known to contain the following properties that can aid in the care of your four legged friend:

  • Antioxidants – using antioxidants protect the skin as they prevent the production of free radicals that can cause reactions and damage skin cells. As the skin is the largest organ, it is important to take care of it.
  • Antimicrobials – antimicrobials are agents that kill microorganisms and stop them from growing. Antimicrobials found in essential oils include antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, disinfectant, anti-parasitic which all have positive benefits for infections, wounds, fleas, ticks and skin conditions in pooches. They attack germs but do not damage tissue!
  • Anti-inflammatory – properties that reduce inflammation or swelling have positive effects for skin conditions, muscle pain and stiff joints for dogs. When essential oils are absorbed through the skin they ease inflammation in areas of your pet that may be problematic providing relief
  • Odour Elimination – essential oils are known to eliminate odours due to their bacteria fighting properties, safe to use in your home and on your pet, essential oils provide a natural way to combat doggy smells.
  • Improved Breathing and Respiration – when essential oils are inhaled they send therapeutic molecules through the nasal passage that can eliminate toxins blocking nasal passages.
  • Reduced Anxiety – Stress is known as a constant sate of tension, having both physical and psychological impacts on its beholder. Essential oils are profoundly known for their therapeutic effects on influencing the state of mind through acting on the nervous system. The effect on the brain causes relaxation and helps relieve stress and anxiety proving comfort for your pooch in times of unease.
  • Insecticidal – essential oils contain natural substances that kill and repel various forms of insects, including fleas and ticks, which means using them on your dogs coat provides a natural way to warn off unwanted guests.
  • Hair & Skin Care – essential oils are used widely in products for humans for health and beauty products, which can have the same effect for your dogs fur and skin. Dandruff, hot spots, burns, insect bites and dry skin can be soothed and eliminated to improve the overall condition of your dogs skin & coat. The antimicrobial properties also speed up the healing process to provide comfort and relief from irritating skin conditions. 

How do they work?

The skin is the body’s largest organ playing a vital role in internal and external secretions that contribute your dogs overall health. It is both strong and elastic, protecting internal organs from external attacks. It provides protection form germs and viruses, and rejects toxins from the body.

Essential oils work through their absorption through the skin, first working their way through the fatty parts of the skin, then through to the blood stream. The time taken for this to happen is between 20 – 70 minutes, meaning using products containing essential oils offer instantaneous effects for all kinds of conditions, internal and external.  

Vegetable oils are just as important as essential oils as they provide the body and base for our soap, using plant based oils offers further protection without the use of chemicals causing adverse reactions to your dogs skin and coat. Our soaps are what you call ‘superfat’ soaps – they contain extra vegetable oils to provide added protection, moisturising and nourishment! 

Many of the natural ingredients and their benefits produced in the making of commercial soaps are removed after the process is complete and sold to the cosmetic industry, this provides a blank slate for manufacturers to add chemical detergents made up artificial fragrances, colours and fillers that all have adverse effects on your dog and the environment. All of the ingredients we use in our soap remain, and are an important part of our handmade process. 

At Pawfect Nature we see your dogs as a bundle of love, and we treat them as one too. 

Due to the sensitivity of a dogs nose and the potency of organic essential oils, we don’t add unnecessary amounts of scents that may be overpowering – our products may not be as ‘smelly’ as commercial brands as we prefer for our dogs to be comfortable with the skin they’re in, however, the strength of the organic ingredients works evermore powerfully than synthetic competitors providing long lasting care for our four-legged friends.

*Please note – we do not offer our products as alternatives to veterinary advice, always consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about the health of your pet*

Essential oils work effectively when used safely, the amounts used in our products are calculated based on the sensitivity of dogs and therefore small amounts are used to ensure this safety. 

Although our products work well for most of our pawfect customers, unfortunately as all dogs are unique, some dogs may be allergic or sensitive to some essential oils or other ingredients. We kindly ask when using our products for the first time please carry out a small patch test to check for any adverse reactions…the last thing we want is for our product to irritate or harm your dog in any way. 

If any adverse reactions do occur as a result of one of our products please discontinue use immediately, wash the area with warm water and monitor the situation, seek veterinary advice if required to ensure the maximum safety for your dog. 

In the unlikely case your dog should be irritated by one of our products, or our products haven’t worked as well as you had hoped, please do get in touch to let us know and we will be more than happy to help find a product that is more suitable for you, even if it means creating one especially for your pooch. 

The below products contain essential oils that have relaxant and sedative properties to aid in times of stress, please use these products sparingly to avoid over exposure to the essential oils. Each product will work effectively as guided and are recommended to be used once a day.

  • Settle Down Dog Calming Mist
  • Settle Down Dog Calming Balm
  • Carefree Canine Anxiety Relief Spray
  • Carefree Canine Anxiety Relief Balm

The welfare of your dog is paramount to our business therefore we appreciate your honest feedback on whether our products work for you. If in certain circumstances one of our products isn’t as effective as you had hoped we will work together with you to find a suitable alternative that ensures the best quality of care for you and your dog.

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