BodyMe started it's journey in 2011, fuelled with my frustration with a world full of unnatural animal-based supplements with ingredients I couldn't understand! Tired with the continuing digestive problems I had with whey products (I really don't want to list them here) ......and combined with an intense career job in construction, and no time for the things I loved, I decided it was time to change (that's me above - I'm Leigh). 

With my lifetime passion in nutrition and fitness, I looked for better products, more in-sync with my body and nature. I found plant proteins and superfoods - fuelled by the sun, formed by nature and packed with nutrients.

After months of trialling every plant protein and superfood, I was hooked!... They improved my training and recovery, and I felt better and healthier.

And as a bonus.... I discovered plant-based organic products are better for the planet, people, animals and everything in between - wow, everyone wins!

So, I wanted to provide you with organic vegan nutrition to help you live life to the max - naturally and ethically!

Now, I'm not saying it was easy - working organically came with many obstacles, like sourcing organic ingredients, high cost of organic ingredients and the strict procedures and processes .....but I new it was the only way to provide truly natural, quality and ethical nutrition. Also, I knew I needed to provide nutrition that made an impact but without the artificial ingredients.

And so, BodyMe was formed, I took on a production facility (the family kitchen) and worked like crazy (in my spare time) mixing, making and packing until my wife banned me from the house. So, I converted the garage and quit the day job!

Things have changed a lot since those humble days. We are now based in Bristol (green capital of the UK) with two facilities, a warehouse with a dedicated mixing and packing room for our vegan protein powder blends and superfoods and a purpose made commercial kitchen where we make our organic vegan protein bars. We are licensed by the SALSA food safety and quality standard.

All our products are Vegan Society registered, Soil Association certified organic and made and packed by us..... with a whole lot of passion!

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