Sand & Fog 850g - Pumpkin Clove

This is one of our Bestsellers! We want you to have candles that smell good and look good. We created the Pumpkin Clove candle to be a comfort fragrance for you.

This scent falls in the sweet and spicy fragrance family.
Top notes - clove, cinnamon, and orange;
Middle notes -pumpkin, milk, gingerbread;
Base notes - brown sugar, vanilla, butter, and tonka.

Burn time: approximately 80 hours

Size: 30oz

Dimensions: 8" long x 4" wide x 4.25"high

Wicks: 3 100% cotton lead-free wicks made in America for even melting and clean burn

Our candles are clean burning made with essential oils and free from Parabens, Sulfates, and Petroleum. Vessels are made with 20% recycled glass. No animal testing was done in the design or production of our products.

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Type: Candles

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