Gua Sha Lifting Anti-Aging Heart - Rose Quartz

Adapted to the contours of the face, jawline 

Diminishes dark circles and fine lines 
Stimulates collagen under the skin 
Give it a boost 
Sculpts and tones the face

Suitable for a complete facial treatment, the Gua Sha feather in pink quartz diffuses its calming power to balance your energies and conceal the signs of aging. A pure moment of relaxation, inspired by ancestral Chinese beauty routines.

Erase your wrinkles with a holistic facial treatment. Regardless of age and skin type, we all accumulate daily stress. And the latter loves to appear on the skin

Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧; pinyin: guā shā; means "to scrape cholera, sand", more generally, "to scrape the disease to allow it to escape through the skin").

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Use daily on cleansed skin.

100% natural genuine Brazilian fine stone without plastic, without endocrine disruptors, without harmful substances, untreated and unmixed. Manually extracted and selected one by one for their quality.

Purified and recharged The French house Rouleau de Jade® is a wellness brand, prestigious and trustworthy. Qualifiers recognized for its BSCI certification and its ethical working methods. 

It's a great tool, a must have that improves the appearance of your skin on a daily basis. Sold in its gift box with its velvet pouch.

Weight: 140 g (4.9 oz)

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