Organic Filter Ground Coffee with Chaga Mushroom 227g

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A uniquely potent infusion of extracted Chaga mushroom with 100% organic arabica beans sourced from Peru. 

The beans are craft-roasted in Poland to pair beautifully with Chaga's characteristic umami and earthy taste. 

This powerful extract of Chaga is a potent anti-oxidant and helps to sustain the caffeine-boost for longer, giving you lasting high without the crash!

The coffee is also specifically chosen for lower acidity removing many negative effects of coffee whilst maintaining a true coffee taste.

  •  226mg of Chaga extract per serving, 4520mg per 227g pouch.
    • 30% polysaccharides & 2% tri-terpenes.

Ingredients: 98% organic arabica coffee & 2% organic Inonotus obliquus extract.

Category: Superfoods


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