Sand & Fog Fresh Gift Set

We want you to have candles that smell good and look good. This gift set is for fresh, floral, uplifting scents with 3 x 113g candles with the following blends:

Elevate your space with the natural and earthy essence of Rosewood, a scent within our Natural Home collection that combines the sweet and woody notes of rosewood, creating a grounding and tranquil ambiance that embodies the purity of nature.
This scent falls in the floral fragrance family. Top Notes -Rosewood; Middle notes - Lotus, Geranium, Rose; Base notes -  Musk, Amber.

Eucalyptus Spa
This is one of our Bestsellers! Revel in the invigorating and fresh aroma of pure eucalyptus, creating a crisp and clean ambiance that refreshes the senses, invoking a feeling of serenity and natural vitality within your space.
This scent falls in the fresh and clean fragrance family. Top notes - eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme; Middle notes - rose, heliotrope; Base notes - vanilla and oakmoss.

Laundry Day
Experience the pure bliss of freshly laundered linens with our Fresh Laundry scent. Crisp notes of clean cotton and airy freshness transport you to a sunlit laundry day, infusing your space with the comforting and revitalizing essence of just-washed fabrics.
This scent falls in the fresh & clean fragrance family. Top Notes - Aldehyde, Eucalyptus, Orange, Lemon. Middle Notes- Jasmine, Lavender, Mint. Base Notes - Musk, Wood, Amber

Burn time each candle:  approximately 12 hours

Dimensions:  approximately 3" high with a diameter of 2.5"

Wicks: 1 100% cotton lead-free wicks made in America for even melting and clean burn

Our candles are clean burning made with essential oils. Vessels are made with 20% recycled glass. No animal testing was done in the design or production of our products.

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