White Sage & Blue Sage Smudge Stick

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Smudge Sticks can be used to cleanse negative energies for a person or a place.

Size: Approximately 4 inches in length.

Origin: USA

Smudging is an important purification ritual in many different cultures and traditions. Smudging is the burning of the sacred herbs in cleansing, purification, and prayer ceremonies. All of the herbs used in the wands are viewed as "sacred" by Native Americans who have used the wands or loose herbs for generations for smudging.

Light a Smudge Stick and extinguish the flame allowing the herbs to smoulder. Wave or use a feather fan to disperse the smoke through your Aura and into your Home and your Sacred Spaces. Hold your intent as you Smudge, Clear and Purify. Use these Smudge Sticks regularly to keep yourself, your tools, crystals and homes clear to receive abundant light. Our herbs are collected in an ecological and respectful way.

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