Live in the Light s'engage à vous offrir des produits véritablement naturels, biologiques et sans produits chimiques.

Chez Live in the Light, vous savez que tout ce que nous vous proposons est naturel, sans produits chimiques, biologique ou artisanal.
Nous sommes tous axés sur l'absence de toxines, le bien-être et la diffusion de l'information.
C'est une mission, une passion et un profond amour et respect pour Mère Nature.

Sauf indication contraire, tous les produits conviennent aux végétaliens.

Nous sommes ravis d'avoir collecté ces Beauty Bible Awards pour Pure Anada's Cosmetics - une marque naturelle vraiment incroyable. Cliquez sur les récompenses pour voir quels produits et ce qu'ils avaient à dire à leur sujet. Vous pouvez également en savoir plus sur le site Web des Beauty Bible Awards.

Beauty Bible 2020 Silver & Best Natural Award Winner Pressed Eye Shadow par Pure Anada Beauty Bible 2020 Award Meilleur gagnant naturel

Decoding the Cosmetic Ingredients Jargon
Decoding the Cosmetic Ingredients Jargon

A clever marketing game is played in every skincare and cosmetics aisle in standard and in health stores. Phrases like "Active Ingredients", "Key Ingredients" and "Natural" are emblazoned across labels in bold print to distract us from investigating the small print of what is really in the product.
Your Very Own Beach at Home
Your Very Own Beach at Home

Magnesium chloride is a powerhouse mineral with a wide range of health benefits, from muscle relaxation and stress reduction to cardiovascular support and bone health. Whether taken orally, applied topically, or enjoyed in a soothing bath, magnesium chloride offers a convenient and effective way to support overall wellness and vitality. Basking in a warm sea salt bath with magnesium and
vitamin D is an at-home way to replicate a day of ocean play
Autophagy... what is it?
Autophagy... what is it?

Autophagy, meaning “self-eating,” is an intracellular degradation process that allows cells to recycle damaged intracellular components to generate energy and provide building blocks to create new cellular structures. 
In simpler terms, it is a process that keeps your body's cells in proper balance by taking old or damaged parts of a cell and recycling them. These recycled bits and bobs are turned into amino acids that can be used for fuel and more.
Breast Health Bombshell  - What every woman should know... by Nadine Artemis
Breast Health Bombshell - What every woman should know... by Nadine Artemis

For many who live in fear of breast density, fibroids and tumours, breasts have become a liability. There is an estrogenic-epidemic in our erogenous zone, and our breasts are reacting; worldwide, every 23 seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.