Rose Quartz...Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz...Heart Chakra

There are many crystals that work perfectly with the Heart Chakra to balance, heal and protect it. The most obvious "go to" is of course, beautiful Rose Quartz.

By far the most popular crystal for those seeking love and healing, this crystal has amazing powers....  but there are in particular, two others that have magical powers so can you imagine if you worked with all three? 

No one should be without one of these stones either in the home or in their pocket!

Starting with Rose Quartz...

Rose Quartz is also one of the most popular stones for emotional healing and growth. Wearing it, meditating with it, as well as keeping it near, is believed to open the heart up to all kinds of love: romantic love, love of family, love of friends, and love of self.

Restoring trust is one of its most powerful and important uses of Rose Quartz.  The heart cannot move on from hurt into renewed trust until the understanding and acceptance of past situations. Rose Quartz remedies this by encouraging understanding of feelings such as fear and suspicion.  

So next.... is Strawberry Quartz...

People often find themselves asking what the difference is between Strawberry Quartz and other regular quartz...particularly Rose...

In the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern-day, it is important to be able to take a step backwards and inwards towards something even deeper than what our senses can take in.  The symbolism and significance of Strawberry Quartz are that it has become an excellent way to transcend real life and attain peace of mind through the beauty of love.     

The meaning of Strawberry Quartz is derived from its connection to the Heart Chakra of the heart.  It transcends the physical world to bring energies of love pouring into your life and washing over you so that you can unlock the personal importance that you really possess.   

The healing properties of Strawberry Quartz are directly related to the heart and its Heart Chakra, and you will get the most effect out of the Strawberry Quartz crystal when it is carried or worn on the left side of your body or near your heart.  Doing so opens the energy surrounding you for unconditional love, connecting you in an even deeper way with the love surrounding you from the universe and the other auras surrounding your physical and metaphysical body.


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