Greasy Skin in the Heat? Acne Prone?

Greasy Skin in the Heat? Acne Prone?

Rosemary Reset Powder is a magnificent mask and superb spot soother. This cleansing mask is up to the task of resetting your skin with the cleansing and replenishing power of rosemary antioxidant extract.

This can be used as a general exfoliating cleanser, to spot cleanse acne or as an all-over mask that balances sebum, cleanses pores, detoxifies and diminishes the appearance of acne and blemishes while evening skin tone. Feel radiant results when you replenish with Rosemary Reset.

This little beauty has more than one use... prevent greasy skin, sort our spots and pimples, annihilate acne and also freshen your mouth. Here are some instructions on how to use:

  • Extra Exfoliation: add a dash to a damp facecloth and a squirt of Best Skin Ever to boost this gentle method of cleansing
  • Mini-Mask for Acne, Blemish, and Spot + Scar Cleansing Care: activate by adding one drop of a DewDab to a pinch of Rosemary Reset Powder apply to area that needs TLC (melasma, spots, scars, acne) and leave on for as long as possible or overnight. Dewdab for hyperpigmentation, Jewel Dab for scars, Zippity DewDab for Acne.
  • With Oil Cleansing: Combine a squirt of a Best Skin Ever or Serum with a dash of Rosemary Reset Powder and massage into face to cleanse and revive. Rinse. Apply one squirt of serum to moisturize.
  • Moisturizing Mask: Combine a squirt of a Best Skin Ever or Serum with two pinches of Rosemary Reset Powder and apply to face as a mask to deeply rejuvenate skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes. Rinse. Apply one squirt of serum to moisturize.
  • Toning Mask: activate by adding pure water to a dash of Rosemary Reset Powder apply to face and leave on for ten minutes. Rinse. Wash with a Best Skin Ever. Follow with a Serum.
  • Oral Care: Add a tiny pinch to your toothbrush with one drop of Tooth Serum (Yogi, Mint + Myrrh, or Happy Gum Drops) and brush teeth for two minutes.
  • Oral Oil Pulling: Add one pinch to one teaspoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes of Oil Pulling


Check out just a few of the reviews....

The best!

I use this to help dry out cystic acne that still likes to pop up occasionally and it dries it out almost overnight. This stuff is magic! I mix a little with DewDab, put it on my spots and go to sleep, by the next morning the new spots are either gone, or almost gone (depending on how deep they are). This along with Best Skin Ever cleanser and DewDab have completely transformed my skin. I’m a forever customer!

My Skin Has Improved :)

In the past few weeks I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my skin since using Rosemary Reset Powder from Living Libations. I’ve less whiteheads now and I know from the continual use of this wonderful mask, I’ll be whitehead free.

Must have for clogged skin

"This product have been such a miracle for my clogged skin. I have used it combined with the Seabuckthorn BSE as a mask several times per week and my skin has been improving so much.

I LOVE this stuff!" 
My mouth felt nice and fresh!

I accidentally used the Rosemary Reset Powder on my teeth thinking it was the toothpaste. Similar the dark. My teeth felt extra smooth and clean. My mouth felt nice and fresh. Why not?! A new additional use for Rosemary Reset?

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