Protect Your Decollete...

Protect Your Decollete...

We are all aware of the importance of taking care of our skin and religiously cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise our faces and necks. We moisturise our arms, legs and get summer ready to catch the rays and grab that sun summer glow....
but do we really take enough care of the decollete?

When on holiday lying by the pool or on the beach, or soaking up the sun in the garden we are mindful of the sun creams and protection we need, but one of the first areas to catch the is the chest area. Moisturising is not enough to prevent that wrinkled fountain erupting from our cleavage ... we need to make sure that we care for and nourish this area to avoid this: 

So here are 5 easy steps to keep those wrinkles away:

Step 1

While in the shower, thoroughly exfoliate your décolletage 3 to 4 times a week.

A Few Suggestions:

Annmarie - Kaolin Micro Exfoliant Scrub - The green kaolin clay re-mineralizes your skin, while the micro diatomaceous earth leaves skin polished, flawless and restored.
Living Libations Peppermint Exfoliating Scrub - softens the skin through gentle yet gorgeously granular exfoliation, leaving behind an improved texture and lasting moisture.
Fat & The Moon Light as a Featha - uses the anti bacterial magic of honey, drawing powers of rhassoul clay and the moisturizing talents of coconut- a truly tremendous trio.

Step 2

Mask To Hydrate and Brighten

Since your décolletage gets plenty of sun exposure, treat it with an  enriching hydrating mask that provides extra moisture for your skin 1 to 2 times a week.

A few Suggestions:

Annmarie Coconut Honey Mask - nourish your skin with this unique, vitamin-rich mask formulated with pure Colorado mountain wildflower honey. Your skin is supple and moisturized even after a day in the sun.
Annmarie Illuminating Pearl Mask - This hydrating and brightening mask restores and visibly improves tone and radiance. Skin brightening pearl powder enhanced with uva ursi and liquorice root extract gives you an everlasting glow.
Living Libations Frankincense & Honey Mask - When hydrating honey is combined with fortifying frankincense, calming cape chamomile, and replenishing immortelle, you get a honey-dream of perfectly smooth skin.
Living Libations Green Papaya & Lime Mask - 
This mask is made with fruit-derived enzymes along with raw sugar cane as supple exfoliating agents.
If your face, neck or décolleté could benefit from enzymatic exfoliating, firming and moisturizing our carefully crafted mask does the task.

Orgaid Anti Ageing Sheet Mask - Plump it up! This hydrating sheet mask contains a variety of organic botanicals your skin will want to drink up. These antioxidant-packed ingredients help fight the effects of aging, irritation, and dryness—leaving skin that’s supple, moisturized, and instantly replenished from your long day. Specially formulated with Ecoderma fabric technology to allow the serum to absorb deeper into the skin. Just press it onto the chest after using on your face.

Step 3

Nourish & Restore ... Pigmentation can be a big issue in this area and it's important to tighten, hydrate and protect your skin. 

A Few Suggestions:

Annmarie Concentrated Boosting Elixirs - Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, bioactive A-complex acting like retinol, antioxidants and vitamin C hydrate, brighten and restore your skin. Mix 3 drops of these elixirs with their best-selling Anti Ageing Serum to tighten, hydrate and protect your skin. Also containing hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts, your décolletage will be amazingly hydrated, soft and supple.
Living Libations All Season Serum - This smoothing serum for all seasons is a deep drink of luscious lipids: Camellia, Jojoba, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Immortelle, Ylang, Rockrose, Verbena, Fragonia and Lemon join forces to turn back the clock, drench dry skin, harmonize humidity, balance oil production.
Stoked About Pure Argan Oil 
Through a unique hand extraction and cold-pressing process the incredible head-to-toe elixir is chock-full is naturally rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidant that helps to boost cell production and fights free radicals. This combination makes it a free-radical neutralizer that can be used to strengthen the protective skin barrier and helps to heal irritated and damaged skin. The antioxidant activity in argan oil is helping to protect the skin against free radical damage caused by the sun. Thanks to its high content of vitamin E it is supporting the protection and maintenance if skin elasticity, smoothness and radiance. It also helps to prevent and treat stretch marks.

Step 4

This is a critical step for your décolletage, which needs extra moisturisation. There are just so many to suggest to you, but your face oil or moisturiser will do the job after you have followed the other 3 steps that clear the dead skin cells and treat the deep deep layers of the skin.

Step 5

Apply SPF to Protect.
Always apply your sunscreen as sun damage is the main culprit behind premature aging.

A Few Suggestions:

Annmarie Sun Love Everyday Sheer Sunscreen - which recently won Healing Lifestyles' "Best SPF." It safely protects your face, neck and décolletage from harmful UVA/UVB rays while also deeply moisturising.
Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc - made with 20% non-nanoparticle uncoated zinc oxide and glorious sun-loving essences distilled from plants that evolved to grow best in full sun. Providing a pure, luxurious sun-shade for days and days of summertime play, if you long for a whole day spent in the sun then this botanical canopy is just the ticket!

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