Polychrome Jasper .. Root Chakra

Polychrome Jasper .. Root Chakra

Polychrome Jasper (also called Desert Jasper) conjures images of a bright and happy childhood. It is the colours of innocence running through your veins on that first day you entered into this world.
The energy within Polychrome Jasper reminds us to be innocent in our deeds, words, thoughts, and actions. As we journey through life it is too easy to lose touch with that original innocence. The journey is fraught with all sorts of challenges and obstacles that can steal away one’s innocence if we let it.
Polychrome Jasper is a constant reminder to embrace our innocent self and help us recapture the essence of this pure nurturing energy.
It is through the strength and beauty of innocence that we learn and grow as individuals. Within Polychrome Jasper’s energy, there is a deep awareness of how we all learn and grow from this innocent state of being.

When Polychrome Jasper enters your life it is to remind you of the beauty in the world around you. It carries with it all of this colourful energy that can sometimes be lost in our everyday lives.

So what else can this amazing and stunning stone do for you?

Polychrome Jasper is a powerful stone of manifestation and assists you in bringing your dreams and desires into your life. It carries the energy to help you manifest abundance and prosperity at all levels.

The gentle loving vibrations within it have a nurturing effect on those around it. It can be used as a healing tool for those just beginning their spiritual journey or as a protective stone for those more experienced.

It is the gentle nurturing energy within Polychrome Jasper that helps us to remember who we are and where we came from. This knowledge of self is what allows us to move forward through life with purpose and direction.

It is a stone that’s strongly connected to the Fire element, and it embodies passion, exuberance, vibrancy, vitality, action, and creativity.

This particular Jasper stone also has very strong grounding, centering, and stabilizing energies that will deepen and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth.

If you want more passion, emotion, or action in all aspects of your life, Polychrome Jasper will help you achieve this very easily.

Polychrome Jasper will help you temper your excesses and bring back the calm after surviving many storms.

It will also relieve your stress and neutralize any extremes that there may be.

It will counter your tendencies to fly off in just one direction. This stone will help you overcome your conflicts and control your rage.

Polychrome Jasper will also help in moderating your aggressiveness and give you the strength to deal with cruelty.

This is a highly protective stone that will keep harm away. It will also show you how you can benefit from a toned-down exuberance.

We all need to be grounded, protected and what better stone to help us achieve this?


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