Beauty Bible Award Winner!!!!

Beauty Bible Award Winner!!!!


We are thrilled that Pure Anada's Mascara has been selected as the

Gold Award Winner and the Best Natural Winner in the 2022 Mascara category.

Beauty Bible has from Day One set out to help you take a short-cut through the beauty jungle – by testing real products on real women, just as you'd use them in real life.

They do it because they want you to save money AND save precious resources, rather than shop in a hit-and-miss way that means products end up languishing on your shelf or in your make-up kit. To us, this matters even more than ever – and we know many of you feel the same.

Since they launched their first book, The Beauty Bible, in 1996, they've had 31,000+ women taking part in their trials – the biggest-ever independent survey of beauty products ever carried out in the world, with products submitted both from household name brands and from new, independent names. 

Live in the Light has entered into the Beauty Bible awards in 2020, 2021 & 2022 and this year we entered the category for Make Up with Pure Anada’s Mascara. The testing and review process is rigorous, thorough and competition is fierce...which makes this even more special to us to be able to offer you a high end, qulaity, natural mascara for a really great price.

What did they say about Pure Anada's Mascara?

Verily the Holy Grail of beauty. We’ve a hunch women spend more ‘kissing frogs’ on the mascara front than on any other category.

It’s partly because mascara is a very personal thing. Lash types vary as much as hair types do. As a former employee of L’Oréal (who’d worked in mascara research) once revealed to us, there exist no less than seven different lash types.


‘Have recommended to friends already; natural and genius. It’s not an uber-lash-lengthener or thickener, but does more than enough to make my ageing sparse lashes look infinitely more lush’ • ‘Didn’t flake, crumble or give me panda eyes – it was just genius! Wonderful if you like the natural look of just gentle enhancement. I can't stand it when mascaras make your eyelashes look like thick spider legs, and that didn't happen with this mascara’ • ‘I love this mascara. My boyfriend noticed the effect immediately. The slightly curved wand makes application a dream, not over-curved like some, but more the natural shape of the eye. It covers every lash without them sticking together and it didn't become brittle’ • ‘Easier to remove than so many mascaras. No little bits of leftover grit, it came off cleanly with a couple of swipes’ • ‘A great mascara, especially if you are active and do a lot of sports. Looks natural and doesn’t budge, while being so easy to use and reliable. I love the way it coats eyelashes evenly without clumping; the lashes look long and separated, lustrous but not too glossy – a much more natural looking mascara than most’ • ‘Buildable to a certain degree; also great at staying put. I had no smudging and as a runner, even in the rain, it stayed the distance, without the usual black rivulets running down my face.’

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