Sample Kit - Pure Essential Oil Blends

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  • Experience a sample of all five of our Pure Essential Oil Blends – Vibrance, Passionate, Love, Calm, and Grounded. Each blend has a unique scent and aromatherapeutic properties, helping to set your intention. You can use them as your natural perfume, in your diffuser, or added to a carrier oil to use as a moisturizer.

    With every sample order you get a 15% OFF Voucher to use when you order a full size blend. The discount will apply for any of the products in the kit but can only be used once.

    *NOTE* these are sample bottles and you may find some are more full than others particularly as oils evaporate. Also they are just for testing so the bottles will not be full to the top. This is not the case for the full size essential oils.

    For Best Results:
    Apply 1-2 drops onto wrists, or add to a carrier oil (such as pure coconut, olive, or grapeseed) and apply like a moisturizer. Use it in your diffuser, or add it to water to make a room spray.
    With all essential oils, we recommend doing a small patch test before using. Our essential oils blends are not intended for internal use..


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