Organic Vegan Golds Protein Powder from BodyMe

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270 Grams - 30 Servings
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafSleep - bring back the calm to your life and relax with a warm spice cup of golden turmeric latte providing all the nutrients and cosy feeling required to relax and promote your sleep. Simply added to warmed coconut or almond milk. 
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafRecover - our vegan golds contains a unique blend of supporting superfoods to help reduce inflammation including an enhanced ratio of organic turmeric (curcumin) and black pepper (piperine) to help absorption. 
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafImmunise  - our organic vegan golds powder contains vitamins and minerals that contribute to normal immune function to help you stay protected and fight off nasties. 
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafRelax - find your space and clear your mind with a cup of organic golden turmeric blend with vital nutrients to help you relax and feel amazing. 
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafNourish - with clean balanced organic vegan golds with no added nonsense, no artificial fillers, binders, preservatives, GMO's or gluten... Our turmeric blend contains 7 of the finest organic nutrient boosting superfoods including turmeric, coconut milk, prebiotic inulin, cinnamon, ginger, reishi mushroom and black pepper for a healthy mind, body and soul. 
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafEasy nutrients - get your nutrients naturally and easily in 1 minute per day by mixing our vegan golds powder into your warm coconut or almond milk, smoothies, juices, coconut water, recipes etc. 
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafPeace of mind - from vegan turmeric blend made with conscience - keeping your supplements plant-based and organic is better for the planet, animals and your body. All our products are certified by the Soil Association and registered with the Vegan Society. And we donate 10% of net profits to charity - keeping it ethical all the way! 
BodyMe organic vegan golds powder turmeric blend leafConsistent care - direct form the manufacturer. We actually blend our vegan golds powder superfood in small batches... so you get the freshest products with the longest shelf life. And we pack and ship, so you get consistent care and attention throughout the whole journey with us.

Superfood Ingredients

Organic turmeric - powerful anti-inflammatory and high in iron for oxygen transport, immune and metabolism.

Organic coconut milk - containing MCTs (good fats) for the brain and full of potassium for nerves, muscles and blood pressure and manganese for bones, joints and protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Organic prebiotic inulin - plant fibre providing a food source for the good bacteria in your gut and good for digestion.

Organic ceylon cinnamon - a comforting and soothing spice helping to control blood sugar levels and full of calcium, iron and manganese for bones, joints and immune.

Organic ginger - helping digestion and high in magnesium and manganese for bones and joints, iron for oxygen transport and immune, and the antioxidant vitamin E.

Organic reishi mushroom -  stress fighting adaptogenic mushroom also for immune, inflammation and detox.

Organic black pepper - with the active ingredient piperine helping the body absorb curcumin in turmeric. We use an enhanced 18:1 turmeric to black pepper ratio to ensure your body is taking in all the goodness.

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