GOLDEN MYLK® Cacao Turmeric Latte (150g)

The original Golden Mylk ® blend with raw Peruvian cacao and Madagascan vanilla - 100% organic & vegan

This smooth, organic healing drink is the perfect way to get your daily turmeric fix and a nourishing alternative to coffee. We ethically source our turmeric directly from small community farms in the heart of Sri Lanka who use the most sustainable farming techniques.

  • Instantly Golden Mylk ® Cacao is specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of turmeric, we add black pepper and coconut milk powder to ensure each sip releases turmeric's maximum potential. 
  • Each serving contains ca. 700mg of organic turmeric, ensuring a strong dose of curcumin.
  • An indulgent chocolate aroma from the raw Peruvian cacao and premium Madagascan vanilla with the benefit of no added sugars or sweeteners.
  • Enjoy at any time of the day! 

Instructions: Add one tablespoon (10g) of Instantly Golden Mylk ® Cacao to a cup and form a smooth paste with a little hot water. Then fill your cup with hot milk/mylk. (Optional: add your choice of sweetener). 

Tips: Add organic coconut blossom sugar to Instantly Golden Mylk ® Cacao as a natural sweetener or add to your porridge, smoothie or pancakes. 

Ingredients: organic coconut milk powder, organic turmeric (7%), organic raw cacao (6%), organic vanilla and organic black pepper. 

Servings: 15 servings 

Packaging: 100% recyclable outer carton, printed with vegetable inks. Inner pouch is home-compostable. 

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