Spring Fling Botanical Mask Spritz - 30ML

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Bought to you by The Happy Alchemist:

A handcrafted all-natural botanical blend of pure essential oils

which is a floral exuberance to celebrate the end of winter and the return of warmth and growth after a long, hard winter. It's a special bespoke blend with gentle notes of GERANIUM, LAVENDER, GRAPEFRUIT and GARDEN MINT to freshen your mask and put a spring in your step as you go out in the world again.

Handcrafted, all-natural botanical blend of 4 Essential Oils in a base of Witch Hazel and Pure Distilled Water that will soothe, refresh and invigorate you throughout the day.

Just spray the inside of your mask and go - and spritz to refresh any time throughout the day. Can also be used as a air spritz in the car or home...or whenever you are out and about.

30ml spritz bottle size, suitable for pocket or purse.

Category: Clean, Covid, Room Smellies

Type: Aroma Oils

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